Inspire Clarity, Impact the World

Inspire Clarity, Impact the World

We're inspiring millions of people to take control of their health and well-being. As our partner, you’ll expand reach, capture heart, and make a difference.
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Precise Reach

We’re here when people need to find clarity. In search, social, news, and events, we’re present, prominent, and in-the-moment.


Tangible Insights

Our expertise in social listening, search analysis, and consumer insights keep us ahead of the curve to help you better understand and connect with your audiences. 

Audience Insights
Health & Wellness Audience Mindset

To help us truly tap into what motivates our audiences, Healthline Media conducted one of the most sophisticated segmentations of health and wellness information-seeking mindset and behavior. We use these insights to help brands meet their goals.

Transparent Performance

Our team of competitive, gritty analysts are hard-wired to push beyond the expected, helping us exceed advertisers’ goals 95%+ of the time, and we are focused on getting to 100%.


Clear Purpose

Our reason for being unites us and drives us. We’re proud to be a purpose-driven organization and are determined to drive positive change for everyone we serve. Today and always, humanity is at the heart of everything we do.

“I’m proudest of Healthline Media for building a social impact discipline that allows us to drive positive change in the healthcare space while supporting our purpose-driven culture.”

— Ingrid Eberly, VP, Marketing, Healthline Media

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