Partnering for Impact

Partnering for Impact

Our expertise earns trust and outshines misleading information. As our partner, we'll connect you to your audience to drive better wellbeing.
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Solutions that Drive Wellbeing

With Healthline Media, you can expect an unwavering commitment to accuracy, inclusivity, and performance. Explore how we can work together, drive consumers towards the right action, and deliver strong performance results for your brand.


A data studio platform that optimizes advertisers’ performance at scale built on proprietary insights of engaged, action-minded health and wellness audiences.

Do More With Your Data

Bezzy Communities

A suite of free online communities providing meaningful connection to people living with chronic conditions, from Breast Cancer and Migraine to Multiple Sclerosis and Psoriasis.


Rx Savings

A consumer offering that alleviates high prescription medication costs while improving drug adherence and overall health management.

Improve Adherence Today

Healthline Lessons

A step-by-step condition-specific behavioral change platform that helps people make small yet meaningful changes towards health and wellness.


Insight-driven Product Ecosystem

Video Solutions

Social & Influencer Offerings

Editorial Sponsorships

Newsletters & Challenges

Shoppable Solutions

Co-branded & Custom Content

Media & Data Targeting Solutions

Private Marketplace & Programmatic Guaranteed

Cause-based Marketing & Awareness Programs

DEI Opportunities

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