Healthline Unveils TRANSFORM: Future of Health

Healthline reveals top innovations transforming the future of health and wellness

SAN FRANCISCO – January 25, 2022  – Healthline unveils a new interactive experience that highlights the most significant visionaries and innovations changing health and wellness as we know it. TRANSFORM: Future of Health spotlights how everyone can explore new ways to live healthier by taking steps toward this brighter future, today. 

In a recent Healthline survey, over 90% of respondents said health innovations help them better understand their mind-body connection and its impact on their overall well-being.  

“People care about what the future of their health and wellness looks like, and they see new technologies as a big part of what’s ahead," said Dria Barnes, SVP of Content & Brand Strategy. "Whole-person health requires access to research, trends, and new ideas emerging in the space.”

The program focuses on emerging innovations and ways to increase access and adoption of the most groundbreaking health technologies. Each story features subject matter experts who are at the forefront of bringing these innovations to life.

“At Healthline, we seek to provide relevant, up-to-date, and accurate health information to our readers,” said Dr. Jenny Yu, Head of Medical Affairs at Healthline. “This includes personalized programs like TRANSFORM: Future of Health, which helps to inform people of the innovations and ideas shaping the world of health and wellness.”

A Deep Dive into the Future of Health

According to a Healthline survey, 8 out of 10 people are inspired by health and wellness technologies. People recognize the potential of health and wellness innovations in their lives and want to engage with them at a wider and deeper scale. Dive into TRANSFORM: Future of Health to explore the exciting, accessible, and cutting-edge themes shaping the future of health and wellness for everyone. 

The initiative includes editorial, video, and interactive content organized around three themes:

In addition, an illuminating docuseries examines the health and wellness impacts of climate change, psychedelic therapy, and virtual care. Host Liz Plank, award-winning journalist, author, and producer, guides viewers through the data as they meet game-changing healthcare visionaries who are lighting the way to a more accessible, progressive, and healthier world.

Episodes will be rolled out over the coming weeks on and available via Healthline’s YouTube starting today. 

To explore the top innovations shaping the future of health and wellness, visit TRANSFORM: Future of Health and connect with Healthline on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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