Healthline Media Launches Parenthood, a Resource for a New Generation of Parents Who Believe their Own Well-being is Essential to Creating Happy, Healthy Families

More Than Half of New or Expecting Parents Think Current Parenting Resources Don’t Address Their Needs as a ‘Whole Person,’ Says Consumer Study

Zarbee’s Naturals, Health & Wellness Products Grounded in Nature, Signs as Launch Sponsor

San Francisco – October 16, 2019 – Healthline Media, ranked the number one online health media property in the U.S. by Comscore with 86 million unique visitors per month, today announced the launch of Healthline Parenthood, a resource for a new generation of parents who believe their own health and well-being are essential to create a happy, healthy family.

The new resource will address topics meaningful to modern parents such as healthy sleep habits for parents and baby, making enough time for exercise, self-care at work, and navigating relationship challenges that come with having small children. The articles and advice are designed to fill a gap for parents who do not have easy access to sleep doctors, career coaches, relationship counselors, or other health and wellness experts. Consistent with Healthline’s larger editorial mission, all Healthline Parenthood content is evidence-based and medically reviewed, offering readers a combination of traditional medicine and holistic health perspectives.

“Becoming a parent is overwhelming and complex. Whether it is preparing for parenthood, getting pregnant, pregnancy, or baby’s first year, parents go through a transformative journey that impacts their hormonal, emotional, physical, and mental well-being,” said Dria de Botton Barnes, General Manager, Healthline Parenthood. “We are confident that Healthline Parenthood will quickly establish itself as a go-to resource for modern parents-to-be and new parents who prioritize their own well-being and proactively seek guidance so they can take better care of their families.”

Zarbee’s Naturals, makers of vitamins and supplements with handpicked, wholesome ingredients to keep the whole ‘hive’ healthy year-round, is Healthline Parenthood’s launch sponsor.  The partnership comes to life through a robust program across site and social, ownership of the newly unveiled Healthline Parenthood homepage including the brand-new editorial initiative “The Ultimate Starter Guide for New Parents.” In a seasonal push, Zarbee’s Naturals will align their Baby and Adult cough and immune support product suite with Healthline Parenthood’s credible and actionable pediatric cold, cough and flu content. 

“Our goal has always been to help as many people as possible with carefully sourced, handpicked wholesome ingredients that promote health and well-being,” said Laura Tedesco, Director of Marketing, Zarbee’s Natural. “We know that one person’s health impacts everyone else at home, school, the office, and beyond – and we are dedicated to helping parents take care of their families every step of the way. That’s why we are excited to join Healthline Media as the launch sponsor for Healthline Parenthood.”

“Healthline Parenthood’s vision is to be an ally to moms and dads – a resource to support their own self-care and wellness,” said David Kopp, President and CEO, Healthline Media. “Healthline Media already is the top health information source on the internet and with Healthline Parenthood, our readers will benefit from medically-supported, user-friendly editorial to better deal with everything from the common cold to child development to chronic illness. It’s unique focus on whole parent well-being brings something new to the marketplace, which is sure to appeal to Gen Z and Millennial parents and the brands trying to reach them.”

The New Parenthood

Today’s parents, Generation Z and Millennials, are unlike previous generations. They’re digital natives with mobile devices in hand, expecting fast access to vast amounts of information. They embrace a holistic, all-inclusive approach to life which shapes who they are as parents. 

According to a Healthline Parenthood study fielded to get a pulse on the overall state of parenthood, more than 6,500 parents-to-be and new parents indicate that current parenting resources do not speak to moms and dads in a holistic way. This is especially true for Gen Z and Young Millennial parents.

  • The majority of parents (56%) want resources that speak to the whole person, not just their role as a mom or dad 
  • Moms are significantly more likely than dads to wish for this (57% vs. 51%)
  • 55% of parents say resources focus only on the baby, not on the parents
  • 32% report struggling to find advice or support for their own health conditions

Who to Trust?

It’s not that surprising that pediatricians and family members are the most trusted for parenting and new baby advice.

  • 54% of parents look to their pediatrician for trusted advice
  • 41% of parents trust family as a resource for baby information and parenting support

What is surprising, however, is that expecting or new parents seeking counsel from people they know has stirred up feelings of embarrassment and even shame.

  • Gen Z and Young Millennial expecting and new parents are significantly more likely than their Older Millennial and Gen X counterparts to report these negative feelings

    • Gen Z (18-22 years), 43%

    • Young Millennials (23-30 years), 39%

    • Older Millennials (31-39 years), 33%

    • Gen X (40-50 years), 30%

  • 49% of expecting and new parents have felt self-conscious when looking for parenting advice or support

Parents as Priority

Balancing life is challenging, especially with a new baby or toddler. As a new parent, one’s own wellness gets pushed down the list of things to-do.

  • 36% admit that they have had difficulty making their health a priority

What do parents want to balance personal health needs and life responsibilities? The answers are so simple:

  • 56% want more sleep
  • 37% want better nutrition
  • 35% want more time alone

To visit Healthline Parenthood, go to, and the complete research findings are available here.

Research Methodology

Using the field services provided by SurveyWriter, Southpaw Insights fielded a 20-minute online survey among a sample of 6,667 expectant and new American parents (18 to 50 years old).  Out of the total sample, 3,064 were expectant parents, and 3,885 were parents of babies 12 months or younger. The survey was in the field from September 13 through September 30, 2019.

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