Healthline Fitness Launches to Help You Find the Fitness That Fits You

New Healthline offering will feature evidence-based advice and clear, actionable takeaways to help people start or continue their fitness journey

SAN FRANCISCO – October 6, 2021 – Healthline Media today announced the launch of Healthline Fitness, a new initiative to help everyone find the fitness routine that fits with their lifestyle, complete with science-backed, expert-driven information.

Healthline Fitness provides advice and actionable takeaways that empower people along their fitness journey to improve their physical and mental health. It will guide readers in turning their overall health goals into action with information, content, tools, videos, community, programs and partnerships that connect with people physically and emotionally.

Gain more than you lose

Like all Healthline resources, the content on Healthline Fitness is evidence-based and medically approved and ultimately will address health inequities. Articles and videos are written and produced by members of Healthline’s Editorial team that includes more than 250 experts who come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

“Fitness isn’t about what you can lose, it’s about what you can gain,“ said Saralyn Ward, Healthline Fitness editor. “So much of the broader fitness narrative is about weight loss and unrealistic expectations, but we at Healthline Fitness believe fitness is so much more. We focus on whole-person health. When you move in a way that feels good for you, it will improve your health, which is mental and physical health, your outlook, your confidence and your courage. And that’s just the beginning.”

Healthline’s unique approach

Healthline Fitness offers its audience what they are really looking for when it comes to fitness: accessible guidance that inspires people to move every day in real-life settings — living rooms, offices and outside. Healthline Fitness’s tips will include what you can do at your own home with minimal equipment, offering maximum time and cost efficiency. 

Healthline Fitness encourages a more active lifestyle with advice from experts, scientific research and real people who share how they found their motivation to move more. It’s not about a before and after photo, but how they feel differently on the inside that really matters.

Moreover, Healthline Fitness puts special focus on those with health conditions who are unsure which exercises are safe for them so they feel confident to move more.

Find the fitness that fits you 

Whether someone is an experienced athlete or just exercise-curious, Healthline Fitness carves a space for them. The resources help readers with attainable, real-life fitness goals that work with their lifestyle to:

  • Assist in finding movement that brings them joy, builds lifelong habits and promotes physical and mental health.

  • Demonstrate that fitness is for everybody and challenge the notion that “fit” looks a certain way. 

  • Provide real, relatable and genuine content that breaks down complex fitness topics into actionable information.

Give us 22 minutes

Healthline Fitness is designed to inspire a lifestyle change that readers will be able to commit to forever. Visitors to Healthline Fitness will find content aligned with the CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes of exercise per week. Healthline Fitness breaks that down into a unique 22-minute daily approach through a first-of-its-kind workout video series, Fit It In, with relatable fitness experts and a mix of cardio and strength-based exercises.

Visitors to Healthline Fitness will find:

  • Motivation and practical strategies for getting started.

  • Attainable, trusted experts with exercises to make fitness fun.

  • A diversity of offerings to inspire change with a whole-person approach.

"Becoming stronger and healthier starts with moving just a little bit more every day. We understand fitness can be daunting. Healthline Fitness’s goal is to make fitness manageable — from a time commitment perspective, but also by providing the information to help you feel confident and comfortable," Ward said.

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