Unpacking the Future of Telemedicine: A CES Panel Follow Up

Healthline Media’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. E Hanh Le was interviewed alongside other medical experts in a virtual CNET broadcast, “Digital health care: Better than the doctor’s office?” from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. As the face of healthcare continues to evolve with the world around us, we followed up with Dr. Hanh Le after this event to hear what she has to say about the benefits and potential risks in the future of telehealth, and what this means for health marketers.

There are a lot of potential benefits to telemedicine, but we should be careful about our adoption and appropriate use of telemedicine. It will likely become a great supplement to the toolkit to help us engage with patients and providers, but it will likely never replace in-person visits,” shared Dr. Hanh Le.

Beyond the apparent benefits that are seen and heard throughout the industry, it is imperative that brands and marketers pay attention to potential pitfalls as we look ahead (think telemedicine isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, privacy and confidentiality, quality of care, and more). So what can you do today?

Lessons for marketers

  1. Educate and inform your consumers on when telemedicine is appropriate so they know when to seek care by telemedicine versus in-person, during and after COVID-19.

  2. Lean into consumer research or social listening to make sure you’re paying attention to evolving consumer behaviors, perceptions, and experiences with telemedicine.

  3. Push your partners and networks to innovate what you do and how you communicate as the market is ripe for reinventing access to care and adopting health tech advancements.

For a deeper discussion about the benefits and risks in the future of telemedicine, watch Dr. Hanh Le and other health leaders in the full CES session here.

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