The Voices Behind the Numbers recently reached a new milestone in our journey. We’ve been ranked the #1 health information website by Comscore. The site now reaches 72.9 million health consumers each month—more than any other health website—and this number continues to grow. While this achievement has given us cause for excitement, it also gives us a reason to pause and reflect on what’s behind this growth, and what it means to us. 

At the Heart of Our Growth

To understand what’s powering our #1 ranking we asked different people across the Healthline community what they believe is behind our tremendous growth. We found that we all share in the responsibility, take pride in our purpose, and embrace doing it “our way.” 

Here’s what we heard:

Healthline has been dedicated to providing well-researched, clear, and honest health information since the beginning, and now it has paid off in a tremendously important way. 
- Kimberly H. — a Healthline wellness and healthy living writer and editor since 2008.

I’m proud to associate my name with a trusted brand because accurate, fact-checked, evidence-based research can help people live healthier lives.
- Alana B., MD, MPH — internal medicine physician, diabetes researcher, medical school and residency program faculty member, and mmber of the Healthline Medical Network since 2016.

Healthline allows voices from different walks of life. No one is doing it as functionally, inclusively, and seamlessly as Healthline.
- Melanie S. — a NYC-based health advocate, wellpreneur, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping people get intentional about their wellness, often featured on Healthline for the past 1 1/2 years

We’re empowering our readers with knowledge they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, and that has the power to save lives.
- Leah C. — a writer living in Anchorage, Alaska passionate about the changes needed in the medical system to help the most people possible, working with Healthline for 5 years.

What #1 Means to Us: Direction, Not Destination

A prominent health influencer we work with said, “Healthline’s rise to #1 is major, but no surprise.” Indeed. It is major. And it is neither a surprise, nor a conclusion.

Everyone in our organization understands that our true north is, and always will be, to help people live healthier, stronger lives. That journey doesn’t end. 

To our sponsors, partners and community: We thank you for your cooperation on this journey, and ask for your continued support as we keep marching on.

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Source: Comscore January 2020

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