The Do's and Don'ts of Data

Digital marketers are focusing on first- party data and making third- party vendors prove their values. For pharma, that means partnering with data sources that are transparent, updated often, and are measurable. With the focus in the industry on privacy and data governance, marketers have to make sure any data being used fits within their own standards and practices.

Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts for how to approach various data partners and tactics in order to provide the best opportunity to connect patients with solutions and trusted brands.

Do’s and Don’ts of Consumer Data



  • Be transparent with customers and partners

  • Choose to work with ethical data partners

  • Optimize and refresh often

  • Monetize quickly against perishable inventory

  • Let the data speak for itself – invest in analytics and test test test

  • Focus on attribution but follow the customer journey from start to finish

  • Align partners’ success metrics with your success metrics

  • Prioritize privacy

  • Offer a fair value exchange for data

  • Limit your choice of ethical data partners because key insights might be missed

  • Rely only on third-party data

  • Undervalue audience segments

  • Rush to monetize everything data

  • Try to be everything for everyone – focus on what your company does well and build the data strategy around that

  • Put your customers’ privacy at risk, ever

2019 marks a trend towards building consumer data platforms (CDP). When you bring first-party data into a consumer data platform, it allows you to better understand your customers by connecting to multiple condition and research partners in one place. At Healthline, this has been critical in enabling us to analyze all options and determine what is best for our brand and customers, from targeting to measurement and optimization. And for pharma marketers, it is imperative to join this market shift to derive the most value from data and map it to real-world interactions and customer health journeys.

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