T2D Healthline: Resources and Support to Live Beyond Type 2 Diabetes

Healthline Media has proudly announced T2D Healthline, a chronic condition social network for those living with type 2 diabetes (T2D), free to download for iOS and Android.

The need for T2D Healthline — the fifth in Healthline’s Together portfolio of condition-specific apps  — has never been greater. Over 30 million Americans live with type 2 diabetes, and T2D Healthline is where they can seek support, compassion and knowledge while staying informed on managing their condition, 24/7.

A key unmet need among those with chronic illness is social isolation, and Healthline Together apps offer a positive and safe place for members to come together, right from their smartphones. A Healthline research study of people living with diabetes shows that:

  • 97% are “challenged” or “very challenged” in daily T2D management, even those diagnosed over 5 years ago

  • Most (57%) have tried a T2D management education program, yet two-thirds feel only “somewhat prepared” or “unprepared” to make health changes

  • 8% didn’t take a risk assessment before their T2D diagnosis, mostly because they were unaware; most would recommend a risk assessment to friends or family

People living with type 2 diabetes also have a strong interest in interactive courses or support groups, and many seek credible diabetes information in one centralized location. What’s more, they desire help with behavioral change through recipes, lifestyle tips, exercise monitoring, and the ability to share the experience of living with diabetes with others, as featured in the images below. 

A Holistic, Comprehensive and Unique User Experience

Unlike apps serving only as trackers and glucose monitors, T2D Healthline offers a holistic experience rooted in social connections. T2D Healthline puts members at the center of the experience, providing them with community support and key social features, including news feeds, group channels, 1:1 messaging, guide support, and influencer-led live chats.

Those who live with diabetes and contract COVID-19 can experience complications. In anticipation of this emerging need, Healthline has created a dedicated COVID-19 group channel for sharing information and experiences within T2D Healthline. In addition, type 2 diabetes health advocate and “The Hangry Woman” food blogger Mila Clarke Buckley has joined Healthline’s community guide team to offer approachable resources to help manage diabetes. Her content will be featured along with that of six other type 2 diabetes influencers, including Biz Velatini, Shelby Kinnaird, Mary Van Doorn, Sydney Williams, Susan Weiner, and Kelly Kunik.

Whether a person is newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or is a seasoned veteran, Healthline’s vibrant community offers something for everyone, focusing on the ability to live beyond their condition through compassion, support and knowledge. To learn more about T2D Healthline, visit the app store

Source: Healthline Type 2 Diabetes Online Discussion Study, November 2019

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