Webinar: Moving Brands from Health Literacy to Health Authenticity

Healthline’s Brendan McHenry, VP, Sales & DTC Strategy, and Greg Reilly, Chief Client Officer, Publicis Health Media, teamed up for a Digital Health Coalition webinar titled “Moving Brands from Health Literacy to Health Authenticity” held in December 2018. The webinar includes a Q&A session led by DHC co-founder, Mark Bard.

Webinar is now available on demand. Click here.

The concept of health is evolving. Health content no longer just needs to be accessible and approachable, it’s got to be real. In this recorded webinar, we explore “health authenticity” as one of the biggest drivers of audience engagement. We dig deep into what “authentic” looks like to different audiences at different times. And we showcase how a multidisciplinary approach is crucial in developing authentic content and establishing credibility for your brand and trust with your consumer.

Through this webinar, you will gain insights into:

  • “Millennial effect” disrupting markets
  • Definition of health evolving
  • Recognize the whole person and their journey
  • Be genuine, be real… language and tone matter
  • Integrated team approach is essential

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