Medical News Today: How We’re Always Innovating for Consumer Needs


Medical News Today actively works to adapt to consumer needs, from delivering the content audiences want and need, to redesigning our logo for accessibility.

Healthline Media’s status as the leading health information publisher is in large part thanks to our collection of brands that cater to a wide variety of perspectives on health. Medical News Today (MNT) is one such brand, dedicated to serving the scientifically curious consumer with accurate, in-depth information, so they can stay informed and knowledgeable about their own health.

Medical science is always moving forward, and we work hard to match that level of innovation with our editorial production and advertiser solutions. Here’s how Medical News Today is forging ahead:

Innovating Solutions for Both Advertisers and Consumers

Let’s take a look at how MNT is using consumer insights to innovate for advertisers and consumers:

51% of MNT users always seek to be well-informed about drugs before using them^

Knowing what goes into your body is essential to maintaining proper health, and MNT users agree, with just over half of consumers wanting to know more about drugs before using them. They deserve clear, actionable information. 

Our Solution: MNT’s Treatment Guide

Users can browse our Treatment Guide to learn about particular medications and treatment MOAs, gaining a deeper understanding of how a drug affects the body. 

This solution also allows advertisers to drive in-office conversations with medical professionals, encourage adherence to health and safety measures, and give consumers the best chance to find the right treatment for them.

27% of MNT visitors are interested in learning more about medical procedures^

MNT visitors are often interested in the specifics of healthcare, with just over a quarter expressing interest in learning more about medical procedures. For example, a person living with breast cancer might want information on the condition itself, as well as any medical options for addressing it. 

Our Solution: MNT’s Procedure Primer

Our new Procedure Primer tool engages and educates users on procedure specifics and what they can expect from undergoing that process. Armed with this knowledge, consumers can gain confidence in their health decisions and understand exactly what their next steps should be. 

For advertisers, this presents a valuable opportunity to act as an ally to health consumers and take an active role in helping them stay informed. 

37% of MNT users are interested in medical tests as a health topic^^

For consumers seeking to take their health into their own hands, it’s only natural that many would want to understand medical tests and how to interpret them. In fact, over a third of MNT users want to see medical tests become a more common health topic.

Our Solution: MNT’s Test Interpreter

With our Test Interpreter, users are empowered to better understand their test results, either before or after speaking to a provider. With a fuller context, consumers have more agency to decide what options would be right for them. 

Advertisers will be able to engage with audiences at an important stage of the health journey: when they are newly diagnosed. Users will likely be exploring their options for managing their condition, and advertisers can set them on the right path by guiding them toward the solutions they need.

MNT’s Approach to Accessibility and Equity

MNT’s NEW consumer-facing logo

As we continue to develop our content solutions for advertisers, properly supporting our audience remains a top priority. That’s why we’re excited to share MNT’s updated logo!


The logo retains its timeless and scholarly look, representing the scientifically curious consumers who visit MNT. But the color change is a vital update in how MNT presents itself: not only does it streamline our brand recognition, but the visual consistency benefits user accessibility and demonstrates our dedication to understanding the needs of our audiences.

To arrive at the periwinkle hue, we gave careful consideration to both the ADA’s recommended minimum contrast ratio and our own brand values. While a seemingly subtle change, our logo is now much more readable, which makes it more inclusive, and it more accurately represents our stance on providing audiences with a deeper understanding.

Looking Ahead as a Leader in Innovation

In a time when health consumers are looking for guidance and reliable information more than ever, it’s vital that we keep up with the constant evolution of our industry. On the B2B side, we’re always considering how to make the advertising experience more strategic and effective through meaningful consumer experiences. At the same time, our updated B2C logo represents MNT’s commitment to remaining a consistent leader in the health information space and giving consumers the accurate information they need to thrive in their health journeys.


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