[Industry] Industry-academic partnerships to reduce racial bias in online health information

Engaging Humanities in Health— In this chat, Public Health Integrity Manager, Isabella De Soriano, will bring forward a industry-academic interdisciplinary partnership to reduce racial bias in content of one the largest online health publishers in the US through the creation of a Racism and Health Point of View (POV). Healthline Media is committed to presenting scientific information as easily digestible clinical information to empower readers to live their healthiest lives, however scientific information and research is not free from racial bias. Recognizing a need to balance these two, we engaged in a partnership that pulled insights from anthropology, psychology, public health, literature, history, and linguistics. Healthline Media worked with an external expert in writing, psychology and public health to create a Racism and Health POV to guide our editorial teams. This not only included terminology, framing, and phrasing but also guidance on being critical about scientific sources.

Friday, April 9 | 3:30-3:45pm EST

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