[Industry] Culture, Disrupted: Inclusive Methods and Persuasive Tools for Conscious Research

Insights Association Annual CRC Conference— In this session, Healthline Media and 20|20 will discuss how massive disruption in culture and society is also disrupting corporate culture and business practices. Healthline Media’s Consumer Insights & Analytics team has a clear mission: to deliver the highest quality, most inclusive methods and advocacy in market research.  

With examples from Healthline Media’s own recent research on inequity in healthcare, you’ll leave the session with an understanding of how your brand can adapt to disruptive forces with empathy, openness and bravery.  This equity research was commissioned to expand Healthline’s understanding of the lived health care experience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), including those who identify as heteronormative, LGBTQ+ and/or living with a chronic health condition. 20|20 worked to assist Healthline in developing a more informed point of view for content creation to deliver relevant, meaningful, compassionate and actionable information to all audiences.

Join us as Healthline Media shares their journey - from starting the conversation, executing inclusive research, delivering insight with conscious language, and sharing across the organization via an actionable, replicable framework.

Thursday, October 22 | 5:00-5:25pm EST

About Healthline Media

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