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The new coronavirus and its disease, COVID-19, are affecting everything around us. Unnerving news keeps pouring in, physical distancing and self-quarantine guidelines leave us isolated, and many are facing illness and grief. It is no surprise that many people are stressed and anxious at this time. But exactly how many people are feeling this, and how much are they feeling it?

Healthline Media launched the Healthline Mental Health Index as a way to understand and track the impact of COVID-19 on consumers’ emotional health, uncover information and resource gaps, and report how mindset and concerns change over time.

Survey Methodology 

The Healthline Mental Health Index looks at two different audience segments: the site visitor and the general U.S. population.

Pulse survey on Healthline: The survey is randomly presented to 2% of visitors via a promotional element shown in the middle of article pages throughout the site. It reads: “Help us answer your questions about COVID-19.” Those who choose to respond are taken to a short survey asking them about their health status with respect to COVID-19 and their main health questions and concerns. The survey also asks them how they feel using the PHQ-4 (Patient Health Questionnaire), which is a validated clinical scale used to provide a brief and accurate measurement of depression and anxiety. The pulse survey launched on March 27, 2020, and is still live, collecting more than 3,800 responses as of April 29, 2020.

YouGov TrackerYouGov, an international research data and analytics group, has been running a weekly global COVID-19 tracker across 26 countries, including the United States, since March 12, 2020, to explore and track the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s lives. On April 3, 2020, Healthline Media incorporated five custom questions as part of the YouGov COVID-19 Tracker, which are being reported on a biweekly basis. The tracker includes a total of 1,000 responses every other week.


Below are links to insights from the Healthline Mental Health Index. New findings will be added weekly for the audience and biweekly for the U.S. population audience. Click on each link to review an executive summary, key takeaways, and supporting graphs.

U.S. Population
Healthline Audience

Week of April 19

Week of April 19

Week of April 26

Week of April 26

Week of May 24

Week of June 21

As a result of this research, Healthline launched the Healthline Mental Health Hub, a one-stop source for trusted information about coping with issues surrounding COVID-19.

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