From DTC Perspectives: Prescriptive Analytics – Golden Goose or Empty Promise for Pharma Marketers?

It’s been five years since Gartner called Prescriptive Analytics “the final frontier for Big Data, where companies can finally turn the unprecedented levels of data into powerful action.” Will prescriptive analytics be the final frontier for health marketers?

Healthline’s Senior Director Media, Strategy and Analytics, Jennifer Loga, understands that every day, marketers, managers and leaders are being expected to make data-driven decisions, but not everyone feels like they have the data science background, analysts or dollars to do this an efficient way. Loga spoke about making data more approachable at a recent Digital Health Coalition Summit in May, and will be on an upcoming panel talking about campaign measurement at Digital Pharma East this September.

She continues the discussion about how there is an adoption curve for pharma marketers, but prescriptive analytics gives us an ideal to aspire to.

Loga shares key principles for pharma marketers to start talking about what prescriptive analytics for healthcare could like it.

Read the full article in this DTC Perspectives article.

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