From AdExchanger: How a Focus on Quality and Discipline Revived Healthline Media

Healthline CEO, David Kopp, sat down with AdExchanger’s Sarah Sluis to talk about Healthline’s journey over the last eight years to becoming one of the web’s top media properties today. The conversation sheds light on what’s driving Healthline’s growth, leading to deeper relationships with consumers and creating impact for advertising partners.

Read the full article in The Sell Sider column on AdExchanger discussing how Healthline uses data for its disciplined approach to content and advertising.

From employing 150 clinicians to review articles to advanced analytics and tracking on advertiser programs, David uncovers the intentional behaviors and decisions across the organization that unearth data points to inform, optimize, and exceed benchmarks.

“We believe in quality and discipline. If you insist on consistent improvement and measuring the things you want to improve, you will continue to succeed.”

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