Are Your Brand’s Values Aligned with Consumer Expectations?


In the face of misinformation, today’s consumers are focused on brand integrity. Here’s how our vetting process works behind the scenes to set a high standard for our content, solutions, and partners. 

In today's rapidly evolving health and wellness landscape, consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming array of products and information, making it challenging for them to navigate choices and discern truth from misinformation. 

Some people aren’t sure where to start and need guidance, while other consumers aim to navigate this complexity by actively looking at the research, values, and science behind products. 

For all of the above consumers, we are here to help make a difference. Our Brand & Content Integrity (BCI) team works behind the scenes to ensure our content, products, and brand partners meet high standards for medical accuracy and ethics, aligning with the values most important to today’s discerning consumers. 

Consumers Are Choosing Value-Driven Brands

Consumers are 4x more likely to purchase from companies that have a strong purpose. People may be looking for a way to “do good” as they spend their money, supporting brands that aren’t just looking to make a profit but make a positive impact on the world. 

At the same time, given the rise in dubious health trends and misinformation, consumers may consider a brand’s ethics as a guiding principle for figuring out where to put their trust and their dollars. 

The Core Values that Resonate with Consumers 

Consumer enthusiasm surrounds any number of values and causes, such as diversity & inclusivity, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Different values matter to different consumers. For health and wellness products, consider the many labels that people might look at in making their decisions — such as organic, lab-tested, and cruelty-free

Brands prioritizing diversity and inclusivity are popular, especially in areas like skincare and beauty where People of Color can struggle to find solutions that meet their unique needs. 65% of Black consumers are more likely to recommend a brand with advertising that positively reflects their culture. 

A third of consumers prefer to buy from brands that they believe are doing social or environmental good, while younger consumers in particular are more likely to trust brands that demonstrate positive intent. Gen Z and Millennial consumers are 27% more likely than older generations to purchase from a brand that cares about its impact.

The Role of Vetting in Empowering Value-Driven Consumers 

Making sense of purchases, products, and brands in the wellness space is overwhelming, and we know that consumers care more about values today. That’s why our BCI team’s vetting process is more important than ever.

Vetting is our integrity in action. It ensures that our brand portfolio is a place where people can explore and engage safely and with confidence. Through vetting, we make sure any brand or product found on our sites is held to the highest medical standards and follows the values foundational to our work.

  • Medical Credibility: We medically review all brands and products.

  • Industry & Ethical Best Practices: We verify adherence to industry guidelines and ethical conduct.

  • Company Reputation: We assess the trustworthiness and reputation of brands.

  • DEISS Rubric: Our evaluation includes diversity, equity, inclusion, social impact, and sustainability to spotlight brands committed to making a difference.

We proactively monitor emerging trends, drawing on expert insights to guide our approach. Understanding that consumers might explore new products or trends despite limited evidence, we rigorously vet to ensure we support only those that are balanced and ethical, safeguarding our consumers against predatory practices.

Setting an Industry Standard for Integrity

Every brand, product, and sponsor featured on our sites undergoes rigorous vetting, ensuring consumers can trust not only our content and editorial but also the products and services we include. At the same time, this positions us as a trusted partner for pharma, healthcare, and wellness brands, allowing us to effectively extend our brand trust to them. We aim to drive progress in the industry, encouraging more brands to step up and follow high standards for transparency and integrity. 

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