7 Health Trends Shaping Your Consumers' Feeds This Summer

This summer is chock full of trends, and it’s no sweat when it comes to health and wellness. While it can be difficult to predict what will take off, the topics of conversation that are happening on social media today often showcase what is on everyone’s radar and dictate the trends of what’s in. As consumers are putting more focus on their overall physical health and well-being and mental health, the progression of social health content has taken off.

Healthline’s social team is on the pulse of the here and now within our social community of 168 million and shares this roundup of the biggest consumer trends they’re seeing, hearing, and listening to across our Instagram and Facebook channels, and the health and wellness market overall.

Summer 2019’s Big Hit: CBD

Whether it is to promote overall wellness or to aid living with chronic conditions, CBD is driving a lot of dialogue on social and beyond. “CBD is the talk of the town this year. The health and wellness industry is seeing a huge rise in CBD-infused products entering the market, and everyone from influencers to dermatologists are talking about it — online and off,” shares Chante Owens, Healthline’s Manager, Social Strategy and Audience Development. As a result of consumer demand, Healthline has published 250% more CBD articles (and counting) in 2019 as compared to last year. “We can call it a trend, but CBD is only getting bigger and has the legs to stay relevant for a long time.”

Top Wellness Trends

  1. Identifying and preventing burnout: Being well is more than physical health, it’s mental health too. People are looking for tips for noticing if they are or someone around them is stressed, and what life changes or decisions they can make to prevent it.

  2. Natural sleep aids: Getting a good amount of sleep is incredibly important for your health and is known to have a ton of benefits, but it doesn’t come easy to everyone. People are seeking advice and suggestions (think herbal remedies and moon milk) to help increase the likelihood of a quality night’s sleep.

Top Condition Community Trends

  1. Keto diet: While the keto diet is trending for weight loss in recent years, there is a growing interest among people living with chronic conditions to follow the diet or go gluten- or sugar-free to reduce pain and inflammation. “This has become a huge topic of discussion in our type 2 diabetes community, where our users are becoming more focused on the relationship between diet and the condition,” shares Carly Dineen-Griffin, Healthline’s Digital Marketing Associate. “We also see user testimonials about adopting this diet to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.”

  2. Natural supplements: Herbs, supplements, and vitamins can have promising benefits if used correctly. People living with chronic conditions are turning to turmeric, magnesium, and oils to help reduce pain. This is especially prominent in skin condition communities where users have tried to keep flare-ups at bay with so many different treatments that often come with a high cost. These natural treatments are viewed by some as a more cost-effective and ‘safer’ way to manage their condition.

Health Influencer Trends

  1. Sexual health: Sex and sexuality are a part of life, and it’s more than avoiding diseases and unplanned pregnancies. People are looking information that can empower them to improve their sex life and better understand its health benefits — including physical and mental health.

  2. Meal prep: Busy schedules? Summer plans? There are so many ways to meal prep, and people are looking for how-to’s and recommendations for juicy summer recipes (think zucchini pasta, overnight oats, cauliflower pizza, or even the impossible burger). Healthline’s Influencer Marketing Manager, Social, Nancy Carl explains, “Since meal prep is so closely tied to nutrition, it’s no surprise that it consistently outperforms as it relates to both general health and condition communities. Last year, nutrition influencers generated 2x the amount of engagement than a non-nutrition related social activation.”

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