4 Trends that Show How Skincare is Evolving


Consumers expect more from skincare, from the information available to the products and solutions that brands offer. Here’s a look at the trends that are transforming skincare and beauty.

Today’s consumers are looking to address every aspect of their health and wellness, and skincare is no exception. As audiences become more empowered to pursue healthier skin, brands in the skincare and beauty industry have the opportunity to respond to consumers’ unique needs and guide them along their health and wellness journeys toward the best-fitting solutions.

We’ve highlighted four current trends that are defining the skincare and beauty space and discussed them with the Healthline Skincare team to get their thoughts on the state of the industry, their personal skincare journeys, and more.

Pursuing Diversity and Accessibility

More consumers, particularly those with black and brown skin, are demanding more skincare and beauty options designed for them. Meanwhile, access to dermatologists, especially those trained in all skin types and tones, remains limited across the U.S. 

While increasing diversity and accessibility is an ongoing challenge, we’re starting to see new and existing brands deliver on those needs, along with the rise of telehealth options that help fill the dermatology access gap.

We asked the Healthline Skincare team about what exciting and positive industry shifts they have seen toward making skincare more diverse and accessible, and how they think the industry can do even more:


“One of the things that's been most exciting for me to see is the way older skin is now included in the conversations. When I was growing up, the conversation centered on how to reverse or hide aging. Today the message is more about how to age naturally and in a healthy way.” — Stacey Haid, Senior Video Producer


“I’d love to see increased visibility of people with natural skin (texture, pores, etc.), as well as different skin conditions like rosacea and eczema, but also vitiligo and others that don’t get as much traction. I’d also love to see increased representation of folks with disabilities and different body sizes.” — Taneasha White, Special Projects Writer and Channel Editor

Finding Accurate Resources to Help Personalize Your Routine

Consumers are looking for better information around skincare amidst a sea of online information that may or may not be accurate or useful. Specifically, they want expert information that helps them understand key concepts and gives them a clear path forward. They are especially interested in opportunities for personalized guidance that speaks to their unique needs.

The Heathline Skincare team shared their personal journeys and passed along advice for people who are still figuring out their skincare routine.


“More isn’t more — that is my advice for people still trying to figure out what works for them. Many ingredients can cancel each other out and it is difficult to stick with a routine of many steps when life gets busy.” — Jenny Yu, Medical Director


“A lot of figuring out what works for me is trial and error. I’ve used many different skincare lines and active ingredients, and now I have a good sense of what works for my skin and what doesn’t. I’ve learned that my oily skin responds pretty well to alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, and retinol.” — Mellanie Perez, Editor, Wellness

Connecting Skincare to Whole Person Wellness

We naturally link skincare and beauty with each other, but healthy skin is also related to virtually every other part of our health and well-being, from nutrition and sleep to mental health. Today, consumers look for solutions that speak to their holistic wellness goals.

The Healthline Skincare team shed light on how wellness and skin health interconnect in their own lives. 


“I like to say that my skin is a silver platter that exposes every other piece of my wellness journey. If I’m not drinking enough water, my skin is incredibly dry. Not sleeping well? You can count on dark circles under my eyes. Stressful week filled with a ton of overlapping deliverables? I can almost always expect a breakout along my chin. It’s so closely linked, I’d be remiss to only think of one piece of the puzzle.” — Hannah Cohen, Manager, Corporate Marketing


“It is all related! Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the reflection of your general health. Hydration, sleep, mental well-being, and whole foods intake help your skin at a cellular level.” — Jenny Yu, Medical Director

Championing Realism in Skincare and Beauty Imagery

Across social media and advertising, unrealistic photo filters have led to distorted perceptions and expectations among many consumers, especially young women. Today, more people are pushing to normalize filter-free imagery and body-positive or body-neutral messaging. 

We asked the Healthline Skincare team: What responsibility do you think the industry has to promote realistic imagery or be transparent about when filters are used?


“Personally, I like when social media accounts tell you that someone used a filter, especially on stories or platforms that are “supposed” to be more casual. I have watched enough TV specials and news stories to know that I am not as good at identifying when filters are being used as I thought, so I try to remember that.” — Natalie Rinehard, Assistant Manager, Consumer Brand Marketing


“I believe we all have a responsibility to promote realistic imagery and be transparent about the use of filters. As a 33-year-old woman, I feel a responsibility to younger adults and teens/tweens not to use filters and to simply show up as myself, messy hair and all. We’ve got to model it if we want younger people to feel safe and comfortable doing it.” — Crystal Hoshaw, Special Projects Editor, @simple.wild.free

Healthline’s Commitment to Clearer, Healthier Skin

With consumers seeking better representation, accurate information, a holistic approach, and greater realism within skincare and beauty, Healthline Skincare is committed to providing content that delivers just that. Our rigor and empathy helps individuals find the confidence they need to pursue healthier skin and take major strides in their personal wellness journeys.

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