3 Things Marketers Should Know About People Living with Leukemia


Arriving at a leukemia diagnosis can be overwhelming — finding answers and next steps requires multiple medical conversations with various specialists, a new treatment regimen, and a change of mindset. 

Healthline Media is committed to and invested in the understanding of people’s needs, so we connected with a medical oncologist specializing in hematology to gain a more thorough comprehension of what this health journey entails. 

Here are three key insights that marketers and brands should keep in mind when reaching this target audience: 

1. Treatment is a shared decision-making process.

Thanks to targeted therapy availability and efficiency, these treatment options are often the first line of prescription for those living with leukemia. The hematologist will typically share the recommended treatment options and discuss the side effects, scheduling, logistics, and expected success rate. It’s up to the individual living with leukemia, along with their care circle, to determine what the best option is. This decision is also made in conjunction with the rest of their medical care team to explore any drug-to-drug interactions in order to best move forward with the recommended treatment. 

2. Communicate the availability of assistance programs.

Maintaining proper healthcare and treatment can be a time investment and financial burden. This is what makes assistance programs so valuable for those living with leukemia. Most pharmaceutical companies offer financial assistance, even for those with a high income and good insurance, yet they’re often underutilized. It’s imperative that the medical care team share all the available options when it comes to providing financial relief. This alleviation can translate into a more positive outlook and attitude toward an individual’s leukemia health journey. 

3. Remind them about the need for support.

Primary leukemia treatment can often be aggressive on an individual’s body. Thanks to advanced medicine, there are options for supplemental care to treat nausea, pain, and other side effects. Most cancer centers also have nutritionists and physical therapists who can help guide them and introduce new diet and exercise regimens. If hospice is a leukemia health journey step, they can also offer spiritual services, counseling, and psychosocial stress relief to those affected. 


Living with leukemia is complex. It requires the dedication and support of multiple experts and loved ones. Marketers need to ensure they’re aligning with publishers that consider the complexities this community manages to remind them they have the brand’s support.

For more information on the needs of the leukemia community, and to find out what your brand can do to help, contact us here, or reach out to your Healthline Media representative. 

Source: Healthline Media Medical Affairs Network, 2021

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